Our Team

Meet the original electric adventure crew

Welcome to the engine room! Before you meet our team, we feel it only fair to give you a heads-up that you may lose hours of your day if you ask them about any of the following: Electric transport, electron-fuelled adventuring, electric adventure gear, or their biscuit of choice. You have been warned. . .



Name: Natalie Carswell

Passport to power: SPARK+VOLT co-founder, co-boss, director of operations

Hates: Dirty fossil fuels. Breathing in pollution caused by dirty fossil fuels. Did we mention fossil fuels…?

Loves: Tea, Jaffa Cakes, the open road

Favourite electric adventure: Exploring the Netherlands in the Kia Soul EV last summer

If she were an EV she'd be: A new Tesla Roadster (because she’s always operating in ludicrous mode)



Name: Rob Carswell

Passport to power: SPARK+VOLT co-founder, co-boss, juiced-up designer, self-appointed pun-king

Hates: Waste of all kinds

Loves: Positivity and electrons (even though they are pretty negative)

Favourite electric adventure: Doing Iceland’s route one electric ring road with Natalie

If he were an EV he'd be: A VW ID Buzz – a retro glimpse of the future



Name: Ellie Brooks

Passport to power: Epic marketing management skills

Hates: Irresponsible corporations who should know better 

Loves: Electric bikes and all things furry apart from maybe tarantulas

Favourite electric adventure: Going anywhere on her ebike

If she were an EV she'd be: A Peel p50 - they're so gosh darn cute! 



Name: Chris Goddard

Passport to power: Research, development and event support meister  

Hates: Global warming skeptics – come ON people

Loves: All things techie and futuristic

Favourite electric adventure: Going to Fully Charged – roll on June 2019!

If he were an EV he'd be: A BMW i3 - until the day the i8 becomes fully electric