Our Story

The adventure begins . . .

Deep in the darkest Dorset countryside lived two electric adventurers. They appeared almost totally normal – but only to the untrained eye. Underneath their outwardly pleasant exteriors burned a passion for green travel so great they became determined to ignite a worldwide electric transport revolution.

Like most rebel movements, it started innocently enough: when Rob Carswell test drove an electric car in 2015. It was a lightbulb moment; not only was it the most fun he’d ever had driving, there was the added bonus of not damaging the environment. His wife Natalie was initially unconvinced, until she too got behind the wheel and the switch to a family electric car was made. It was powered, naturally, by solar panels on their roof.

But adventurers can rarely settle, and the couple were soon out of control, exploring electric sports cars, electric bikes, electric skateboards and even electric unicycles.

They dreamed of a world where green electric transport reigned supreme. Where everyone could experience the pure joy of electron-fuelled travel; a vast network of electric explorers adventuring all over the planet without destroying it.

No more scaling breathtaking mountains while chugging dirty fumes into the atmosphere. No more dreamy drives in the countryside ruined by the incessant roar of an oily engine frightening the wildlife. No more ironic driving to a cycling destination when you could do a full round trip by ebike.

Dreaming turned to plotting . . . how could this green transport utopia become a reality? They had to get the word out about electric adventuring. Fast.

After much experimenting, trial and error, late nights and cups of tea, the couple eventually found the quintessential electric adventure formula that could be used anywhere by anyone: Equal parts SPARKs of imagination and VOLTs of electricity.

Things have come a long way since then. Today, SPARK+VOLT is intensely proud to be the world’s original provider of electric adventure necessities, spreading the great news about electric transport via a phenomenal network of fans across the globe.

All our creations are as sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly as possible. To get your hands on some awesome earth-friendly electric adventure gear, click here.

SPARK+VOLT is also the home of the Electric Adventure Club, where all electric adventurers can come together, celebrate electron-fuelled travel and generally geek out. If you’d like to join the Electric Adventure Club and become part of the global green electric transport movement, click here. We’d love you to become part of our story.