SPARK+VOLT was co-founded by Natalie & Rob, who are passionate advocates of Electric Vehicles and sustainable living.

Rob is a designer and, as he says, 'a sustainability guru ;)'... he has been involved with design and sustainability even before he lectured on the subjects at Bournemouth University a few years ago.

Natalie has been a businesswoman since her stint working in London’s banking scene in the 1990s. She has been involved with a number of startups and loves driving. Natalie has become quite attached to the Kia Soul EV they took delivery of in 2016, and insists on driving everywhere… it’s either her love of driving electric or fear of Rob’s driving 😉

Following on from self-building their own Eco-home near the coast in rural Dorset they took the next logical step and leased an EV as their family car – a Kia Soul EV… They loved the smooth, powerful, exhilarating drive so much that they wanted to shout loud & proud about the greatness of driving electric.

This led them to create a unique range of products so that electric car drivers everywhere can proudly show off their love of electric vehicles.


“We hope you like wearing & using our products as much as we do” - Rob 😊