We've been on some adventures over the summer

We've been on some wild adventures this summer, which we will be blogging about very soon (once we've put together all our photos and notes)...

At the beginning of August Natalie & Rob flew to Iceland, picked up an electric car, and drove the entire ring road, driving around the whole country in 6 days... it was a great trip, full of exciting experiences and astounding scenery... we crammed so much in it felt like weeks ;)

At the end of August we packed up the whole family (Rob, Natalie & 3 kids) in 'The Smurf', aka our Kia Soul EV and set off on a roadtrip to Wassanaar in The Netherlands... We drove from Dorset to Dover, crossed the English Channel, then drove from Dunkirk to Wassanaar - and back... We had an amazing experience, no-one was injured (this time ;) - but the journey back was full of compounding charging disasters - more in the blog (when Natalie gets around to writing it), suffice to say it was a great learning exercise... :)

That's it for now - thanks for reading & 'Vive la E-VOLUTION' >Rob :)

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