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We caught up with Chris Ramsey from Plug in Adventures whilst he charged his car for a quick Q&A about ditching police escorts, route planning & the other Grand Canyon... Chris is best known for driving an electric car over the 10,000 miles of the intercontinental Mongol Rally from Europe to Siberia in 2017.    Q: CHRIS - WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST ELECTRIC CAR? A: My first EV was a 2014 Nissan Leaf Tekna. I still have it today. Although my wife nicked it for her work trips and I never got it back - she got rid of her Mini and I walked...

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EV ambassador and electric adventure trailblazer Beth Lily catches up with SPARK+VOLT: ELECTRIC ADVENTURE GEAR for a quick Q+A about reindeer, greedy governments and saving the world. Q: Beth, you’ve done so much to promote EVs (electric vehicles) all over the world, when did you get your first electric car? A: In 2014 I became the proud owner of a BMWi3. Then in 2015, I began managing Formula Student, a fantastic competition where student engineers design, build, test, and race small-scale formula style racing cars. Interestingly, many students found electric batteries were a far more effective way of powering the...

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