Spark+Volt’s electric weekend at Fully Charged Live 2018

Spark+Volt’s electric weekend at Fully Charged Live 2018

When the announcement came that Fully Charged 2018 would be going ahead, the Spark+Volt team were on tenterhooks. Not only would Fully Charged be the first significant national electric vehicle show in the UK, no-one really knew whether it was going to be a success – especially as so many media bods are still saying that no-one wants to buy an electric car (yawn!) 

Pop-up Shop

We were up bright and early the day before the show so we could head to Silverstone in good time and set up our pop-up shop. By the time we rocked up, the venue was already buzzing with excitement with exhibitors on the scene getting ready for the most anticipated day in the electric car calendar.

We 100% Electricwere doubly nervous and excited, as the show would see the official launch of our brand new line of electric car merchandise; 100% Planetthe Spark+Volt 100% Electric line. We’d met many lovely electric bike, motorcycle, scooter - and even unicycle - fans just a few weeks before at an electric vehicle event in the South called Big Green Wheels, and wanted to produce a full line of T-shirts suitable for fans of all types of electric transport. We hoped they would like the new line of tees as much as EV fans enjoyed our other T-shirts!

The show boasted every electric car on the UK market – more than 50 different types - from the BMW i8 and Ferrari 308GT to more household friendly brands such as the Nissan LEAF and the Renault Zoe. To top it all off, those wanting to ride from the car park to the arena in style were offered lifts in a fleet of Teslas organised in advance by the Fully Charged team to transport guests to the front door in style - in ‘Ludicrous Mode’, of course. As the first day of Fully Charged dawned any worries that the event might not be popular disappeared immediately as electric car fans began to descend in their thousands. The Fully Charged traffic teams were hot on the job, and began letting visitors in an hour before opening because so many EV fans had turned up early to get the most out of the show. We didn’t know it at the time, but over 6,000 people came through the doors that weekend.

‘The Big Lemon’ electric bus was also ferrying guests to the arena – and it was amazing to meet one of their founders, Tom Druitt, who started their own solar-powered electric bus transport system in Brighton – a truly amazing feat you can read more about here.

The Spark+Volt team were stationed out in the ‘Paddock’ area with lots of space, alongside EV enthusiasts and their electrified conversion vehicles, including Edd China’s electric ice-cream van, a Zoe rally car and numerous Teslas – even one that had been converted into an estate.

It was fantastic to meet so many like-minded EV fans as they rushed around trying to fit everything in, from the numerous exhibits to the many expert talks from celebrities such as Robert Llewellyn - Fully Charged founder and actor famous for his hilarious portrayal of Kryten in Red Dwarf.

Sling bagsWith so much going on, we were delighted so many people visited our shop – and were even more delighted with the fantastic reception our new 100% Electric merchandise received and we even sold out of some of the designs in quite a few sizes – but don’t worry we’re always working on more fun and clever designs – watch this space…

Overall, Fully Charged was the electric vehicle and renewable energy event of the year and we’re really looking forward to Fully Charged 2019, as we hear plans are afoot to make it even bigger and better than this year. . . bring it on!

Until next time, you can find our updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram … in the meantime, drive safe and thanks for reading :o)

Natalie x

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