EV Experience Day kick starts EVolution in Bentwaters

EV Experience Day kick starts EVolution in Bentwaters

You can talk to petrol heads till the cows come home about how amazing it is to drive an electric car, but until they actually get behind the wheel of an EV, they just won’t get it. That’s why EV Driver’s EV Experience Day in Bentwaters has probably done more for the EVolution than all our personal attempts to convert gas-guzzlers this past year!

Hundreds of people turned out to the free event at Bentwaters in Suffolk last Thursday 4 October to test drive a host of electric cars on the park’s perfectly situated runway. While there were many die-hard pioneers of the EVolution present - including the lovely Scott Edy and Dan Caesar of Fully Charged, and MyEnergi's Jordan Brompton - it was fantastic to find loads of attendees were ICE drivers ready to see the light and switch to electric.

EV Driver also had plenty on offer to tempt them, from ourselves with our funky range of electric car and ebike T-Shirts and accessories, to a fleet of Teslas and Nissan Leafs (leaves?!) to a Jaguar iPace, a few Zoe's and more. There was also plenty of advice about charging and what it is actually like to own and run an electric car everyday.

In short, we’re giving this amazing event five sparks out of five, and hope it will be running again next year!

Watch this space for Rob’s short review of his whizz around the Bentwaters test track in the Jaguar iPace....  

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